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Legislative Update

The Arizona State Legislature will be returning to work. As the bills that impact auto hobbyists work their way through the House & Senate we will post information and status.

Our Latest Update:

Arizona Legislative Report March 2018

    This is my second report on the House Bills and Senate Bills up for discussion in the Arizona Legislature for 2018. The House has of today, 650 Bills under consideration and the Senate has 550 Bills for discussion.

HB2166  Vehicle Fees, Alternative Fuels VLT.  This Bill is being created to raise money to fully fund  our DPS Budget. From this funding for DPS, the DPS will not receive any funds from the State General Fund or the HURF fund which is raised by the State Fuel Tax. This is called a Highway Safety Fee that will be added on to your registration fees. On 2/20/2018, this Bill was passed by the House and transferred to the Senate for their approval on 2/21/2018.

HB2208  Photo Radar Prohibition. Basically, this bill lets the Police handle all violations on the streets & highways of Arizona. It prohibits any city or county from installing  Photo Radar units in the state. This Bill was passed by the House on 2/08/2018 and passed onto the Senate on 2/08/2018. The Senate did their first reading on 2/15/2018 with no actions on the Bill, the second reading of the Bill was on 2/19/2018 but no further information exists on this Bill.

HB2348   Vehicle Emissions: California Standards. The House did a first reading of the Bill with no results. A second reading was supposed to occur on 1/22/2018 but nothing happened. I think this Bill to adopt the California rules for emissions is done for this session.

HB2370  Taxpayer Financing: Sports Stadiums   This Bill would have prevented any of the funds controlled by the State, County or City from being used to pay for any Professional sports stadiums. The House read this Bill on 1/17/2018 with no resulting vote. The second reading was to be done on 1/18/2018. No results, this may be dead for this session.

HB2400  Traffic Tickets, Service, Photo Radar. This Bill required the hand delivery of the violation complaint, ID the actual driver involved in the violation. The House completed the first reading on 2/13/2018. A second reading on 1/22/2018 had no results. This Bill is dead for this session.

HB2599 Save Our Public Highways.   Representative Kevin Payne introduced his bill again from last year.  The House had a first reading on 2/06/2018 with no results. The second reading was set for 2/07/2018 and was not held. I’m afraid this is the end of our efforts for this year.

SB1007 &1015  This would permit motorcycles to split lanes while riding in traffic. The Senate had its first reading of the Bill on 1/08/2018 with no results. A second reading scheduled for 1/09/2018 shows the meeting was not held and no vote taken. This Bill is dead for this session.

SB1075   Minimum  Limits for Vehicle Liability Insurance. This Bill was passed by only half of the Senators voting. It was sent to the House on 2/20/2018. The House had its first reading on 2/27/2018 with no results or votes taken. The second House reading was supposed to be done on 2/28/2018 with no results.

SB1110  Photo Radar: Review; Policy. This Bill provides that if you receive a violation notice from a Photo Radar company, you are not required to ID the driver or respond to notice of violation. The Senate passed this Bill on 2/01/2018 and transmitted it to the House on 2/01/2018. The first reading was passed on 2/19/2018, the second reading was scheduled for 2/20 with no results but on 3/08/2018, the House Majority Caucus and the House Minority Caucus voted “yes”. So far, this Bill has a chance of being passed into law if the Governor will sign it.

SB1137  Recreational Vehicle VLT Reduction. This Bill seems to raise all the tax rates charged by the state, county, city and the Highway users fund. A first reading on 1/11/2018 produced no results and the second reading was scheduled for 1/17/2018 but not held. This Bill may be dead for this session.

SB1200  Transportation Revisions.  This Bill seems to be about safety regulations for trucks using red flags, the width of roads, limits on street parking. Passed by the Senate on 2/05/2018 and sent to the House on 2/19/2018, it was passed. A second reading in the House was set for 2/20/2018 with nothing done. The House Majority & the Minority Caucus agreed with the Bill. That is where it stands as of 3/06/2018.

SB1232  Save Our Publicly Funded Highways, Prohibition of Toll Roads. Sponsored by Senator Juan Mendez who last year sponsored SB1505. That bill was ignored by  Senator Bob Worsley who refused to even have the Bill read. Not for any discussion. Well, nothing has changed for this year. The first reading produced no votes, the second reading, to be held on 1/22/2018 was not held. No votes, Senator Mendez’s efforts were dismissed by  the chairman of the Senate Transportation and Technology Committee again. This Bill is dead.


HB2160  Unsafe Vehicle Tires: Use: Sale.  This Bill is dead for this year. I think that it failed to move on because there was no age definition of the tire’s age otherwise it seems to have failed for the same reasons it failed last year.

   Tell me if you find out about something that should be a concern to the AAHC.


Dan Huskisson

AAHC Vice President




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