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Arizona Automobile Hobbyist Council Membership Info

Our organization was formed in 1973 with a five-point purpose:

  1. To represent the best interests of all automotive hobbyists.
  2. To inform and assist the automotive hobbyist within Arizona concerning legislative actions.
  3. To propose legislation protecting the best interests of the automotive hobbyist/enthusiast.
  4. To serve as a technical and accurate source of information concerning legislative activities for the benefit of the motoring public as well as the enthusiast.
  5. To promote and unite hobbyist and organizations in preserving our automotive heritage while protecting our hobby’s future.

We have proudly served the HOBBYIST of Arizona for almost four decades and have been very effective in beating back the ongoing threats that could severely hurt our HOBBY or completely destroy it. We have been on the job as your watchdog for our HOBBY to take on the challenges of scrapage proposals, new vehicular taxes, aggressive zoning laws, anti-cruising efforts and many other issues that would harm our HOBBY.

Our organization has a great history of clout, based on the hobbyists we represent. In the past, the AAHC has fought the 4% sales tax between private owners put in by Gov. Ev. Mecham in ‘89 and is responsible for the 15 year exemption for classic cars with collector insurance. That has been in effect for 3 years after a 5 year struggle with the EPA. Recently the AAHC helped with a compromise allowing the age exemption for older cars to be raised from 1966 to 1974. This will go into effect after EPA approval. PLEASE JOIN NOW!!!

We hope to see you at the next general meeting as a new or returning member. The dues are $30/ yr. for small clubs (under 30 members) and $40/yr. for large clubs (over 30 members), Individual membership is only $15/yr.

Each club membership will receive two (2) copies of the AAHC Journal per issue either mailed or electronic. Individual members one copy per membership, all memberships run from January 1st to December 31 of calendar year.

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