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We are working on opening a permanent home for the AAHC in the West Valley. Hopefully we will open right after SEMA in Nov.

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Al Tracy, AAHC president was on “A Call to Rights” on AM1100 Saturday 6/14/14 between noon and 2pm to discuss the ongoing fight to ban TOLL ROADS in AZ and the HUGE waste of money the FEDs and ADOT refer to as interstate 11, the NAFTA-CANAMEX highway running thru AZ at a cost of $130 MILLION per Mile. (stated by the ADOT representative last October)


 Al Tracy and Bill Brough were on KFNX AM1100

Saturday 2/8/14 “The Call to Rights” Radio Show

CTR 20814 Hour # 1 Listen Now

 Paul Tillwach and Al Tracy on Radio Phoenix News 10/23/13

Al Tracy, AAHC Pres.,  Tom Martin and Bill Gilmore AAHC Legislative Liaisons were on Call To Rights Radio Show KFNX Am 1100 at Noon, Saturday March 2nd, 2013

Listen to the show in 2 parts:

Call to Rights Hour #1

Call to Rights Hour #2


We have the petitions for the Proposition available NOW and must collect 226,000 signatures to put the issue before the people and let them decide if they want Toll Roads in AZ in the 2016 election.

 This will be an expensive undertaking and any donations will be appreciated. You can donate any amount with a credit card here:


Our purpose is to shine a HUGE light on the fact that some in our legislature are planning with outside interests to bring TOLL ROADS to AZ in the very near future. A toll is just another tax, and we already pay one of the highest state gas taxes to maintain our roads in the country. Our state tax, added to the Federal gas tax, provides plenty of money to maintain our roadway system. The trouble is our government officials looks to the tax for other purposes. The more they tax, the more they spend.

Download the No Toll Roads in AZ Act Proposition:


The NO TOLL ROADS IN AZ Rally was February 27th, 2013. at the Arizona State Capitol, and was a huge success.

Check back for photos to be posted soon.

The AAHC is taking a strong stand against Toll Roads in AZ



Check back for more information on this important issue.

Al Tracy, Bill Gilmore and Nancy Perry are featured in a huge article on Car City, USA (Phoenix) in the March 2013 issue of Phoenix Magazine. Read the article HERE.

 Phoenix is filled with car dealerships and it’s great to also be able to use an online site to find a couple vehicles prior to making your way to the dealership. Looking to shop the Phoenix used cars market, take a look at Chapmanaz.com.

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The AAHC would like to extend a huge thank you to our legislative liaison, Bill Gilmore. He was instrumental in passing a compromise emission test exemption bill SB1324, sponsored by Senator Antenori of Tucson, that will change the automatic exemption for emission testing from 1966 to 1974. Gov. Jan Brewer has already signed the bill and it will go into effect as soon as the EPA signs off on it. That may take a year or two.     


Update: Ethanol

Chalk up another victory on the path to repealing the EPA’s ill-advised move to increase the amount of ethanol in our fuel by 50 percent.

Good news from Washington in the ongoing E15 debate. Recently, the HVA provided key legislators in congress with important scientific research from the United Kingdom’s Department for Transport that firmly established the fact that ethanol-based fuels are not compatible with historic vehicles. Representatives in Congress were apparently listening and last week passed a budget bill with an amendment that eliminates all funding to the EPA for any activity related to moving ahead with the implementation of E15.

The fate of this amendment in the Senate, however, is uncertain and faces some uphill battles, but the HVA will continue to aggressively advocate on behalf of the historic vehicle community.

To weigh in on the debate as it hits the U.S. Senate, and to tell your Senators to support the “Sullivan Flake Amendments” on E15 go to http://senate.gov/. Feel free to attach the HVA EthaNo flyer that outlines all the science showing why further legislative action that promotes E15’s production and usage should be blocked.



Our organization was formed in 1973 to combat and support, good and bad legislation. We have proudly served the HOBBYIST of Arizona for over three decades and have been very effective in beating back the constant, year after year, threats that could severely injure our HOBBY or completely destroy it. We have been on the job as your watchdog for our HOBBY ,to take on the challenges of, scrappage proposals, new vehicular taxes, aggressive zoning laws, anti-cruising efforts and many other issues that would harm our HOBBY.

Our organization has a great history of clout, based on the hobbyists we represent. In the past, the AAHC has fought the 4% sales tax between private owners put in by Gov. Ev. Mecham in ‘89 and is responsible for the 15 year exemption for classic cars with collector insurance. That has been in effect for 3 years after a 5 year struggle with the EPA. Recently the AAHC helped with a compromise allowing the age exemption for older cars to be raised from 1966 to 1974. This will go into effect after EPA approval. PLEASE JOIN NOW!!!

We are requesting for your club to join the AAHC now and be a part of our clout. We hope to see you at our meeting first Monday of each month meeting as a new or renewed club member. The dues are $15 for individual members, $30 for small clubs (under 25 members) and $40 for large clubs (25 or more members). Please print the application form and send with your check today. AAHC Membership Application

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