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Updates on the fight against the $32 “Safety Fee” and the “Gas Tax Hike” Bill

Six States raised their Gas Tax on July 1st. IL double theirs. Is AZ Next?

Here is our latest legislative report:

Legislature Report for 11 June 2019

     The Arizona State Legislature session has ended at 12:58 AM on 28 May 2019.  

Bills of Interest: 

HB2319 Highway Users Revenue Fund, deals with money transfers from the fund to small cities and counties.  No Second Senate reading on 3/5/2019, the session has ended with no results for this bill. does not have any results to report on. Held by the Senate, the Legislature ended the 2019 session on 28 May.

HB2320 Reduction of the Highway Safety Fee to a flat rate not to exceed $ 18.00. The First Senate reading was scheduled for 3/12/2019, the Second Senate reading was scheduled for 3/13.  

HB2318 Texting while driving; prohibition: enforcement. Transferred to the Governor 4/18/2019, signed into law on 4/22/2019.

 HB2504 Also will deal with the Highway Safety Fee that is based on your vehicle’s value. Bill was held. Second House Reading was scheduled for 2/5/2019. No votes recorded. This Bill never left the House and it died at the end of the Session.

SB1001 Repeal the Highway Safety Fee. Second House Reading had No further action since 4/22/2019. The Bill died in the House due to the Budget, the Legislature wanted to pass the Budget so they could go home, their work for the year was over. Did not work out the way we hoped it would and since the Budget was passed, we have to live with the Highway Safety Fee and its two-year phase out. Remember what I said about last minute smoke filled back room deals.

HB2536 would have been a massive tax increase that will hurt everybody. I am sure we will see this next January 2020. In case you have missed a couple of issues in the past month or so, HB2536 was the bill to raise the fuel excise tax higher and higher for the next 4 years AND to add another VLT to owners of all electric cars & hybrids vehicles. $130 per year for the electric vehicles and $52 for the hybrids. It died in the House with no support.

SB1125 deals with Motor Fuel Taxes. Dead since 1/22/19, no action, held by the Senate committees.  (Look for this Zombie to come back to life in Jan. 2020)

SB1165 No texting while driving.  Transferred to the House on 3/4/2019 and failed to pass in the House and that was all they did with the bill.

SB1332 another Bill for raising the VLT for alternative fueled vehicles. The House passed the bill on 5/24/2019 and the same day it was transmitted back to the Senate and that same day was transmitted to the Governor.  He signed the bill on 6/7/2019. There is no set dollar amount for this tax, it depends on the MSLP and the sliding percentage each year that will tax your vehicle on the last years value.

I hope that you will read it and check out the Bills yourself at azleg.gov website. Thank you for your time. The Legislature has adjourned for the year at 12:58 AM on 28 May 2019. Besides this article, I plan on an overall review of what happened this year in the Legislative Session. I have to say this has been a huge disappointment for our group.


Dan Huskisson     AAHC Vice President, Legislature Report

623-972-7369             azhuskisson@cox.net


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Our organization was formed in 1973 to combat and support, good and bad legislation. We have proudly served the HOBBYIST of Arizona for over 4 decades and have been very effective in beating back the constant, year after year, threats that could severely injure our HOBBY or completely destroy it. We have been on the job as your watchdog for our HOBBY, to take on the challenges of scrappage proposals, new vehicular taxes, aggressive zoning laws, anti-cruising efforts and many other issues that would harm our HOBBY.

Our organization has a great history of clout, based on the hobbyists we represent. In the past, the AAHC has fought the 4% sales tax between private owners put in by Gov. Ev. Mecham in ‘89 and is responsible for the 15 year exemption for classic cars with collector insurance. That has been in effect for 10 years after a 5 year struggle with the EPA. Recently the AAHC helped with a compromise allowing the age exemption for older cars to be raised from 1966 to 1974. This will go into effect after EPA approval. The past 6 years the AAHC has taken a stand against ADOT’s plan to convert our freeways to Fee Based Managed Roads (Toll Roads). We twice tried to put the matter on the ballet (in 2014 and 2016), but our organization is too small to collect the needed quarter of a millions signatures to put it on the ballot.


We are requesting for your club to join the AAHC now and be a part of our clout. We hope to see you at our meeting first Monday of each month meeting as a new or renewed club member. The dues are $10 for individual members, $30 for small clubs (under 25 members) and $40 for large clubs (25 or more members). Please print the application form and send with your check today. AAHC Membership Application

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